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Regulatory Strategy

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Regulatory Submissions

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Post Market Support

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Regulatory Project Management

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Venture Capital Due Diligence

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Verification and Validation Review

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Academia and Workplace Offerings

Workshops:  Expert consultants, equipped with extensive understanding of regulatory frameworks, provide catered working sessions for a small group at your firm.
Seminars: We provide engaging seminars for your company, school or organization to educate on medical device regulations.
Lunch & Learn: Our online or in-person Lunch & Learns engages our audiences with presentations on updated regulatory guidelines.
Guest Lecture: With profound knowledge and dynamic presentations, industry experts provide academic universities with real world experience and best practices including career advice and pathways.


Mittal Consulting’s unique expertise provide support options where you require it the most. We will meet you at the level of assistant required throughout your product journey.

Tier 1 Complete Regulatory and Project Management Services

  • Manage the entire regulatory project and deliverables.
  • Handle all the regulatory work from start to finish.
  • Project/duration-based quote.

Tier 2 Regulatory Submission Completion

  • Help with Regulatory Submissions.
  • Assist internal project teams.
  • Ensure verification and validation testing.

Tier 3 Regulatory Assistance

  • Submission advice for your team.
  • Connect you with our partners for additional services.
  • Only recommended for seasoned professionals.

Tier 4 Retainer Services

  • Set fee retainer services.
  • Unlimited consultation as per terms of the retainer.
  • Most popular*

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