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The achievement of our company is intricately linked to the triumph of our clients. We view our mutual success as a symbiotic relationship.

What you should know about us

Mittal Consulting excels in delivering top-tier regulatory consulting solutions specialized for medical devices, spanning the entire spectrum from inception to market integration. Our comprehensive services encompass a holistic approach, closely collaborating with Clients to devise meticulously tailored regulatory strategies and meticulously crafted submissions for pivotal regulatory bodies. These include prominent institutions such as the FDA, Health Canada, European authorities for EU MDR compliance, the Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) of the United Kingdom, the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), as well as submissions directed to the Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency (ANVISA). Our regulatory professionals adeptly navigate the intricate labyrinth of exigent requisites and intricate statutes within the medical device domain, ensuring your pioneering market entry.

To me business is about understanding the mindset of a company and providing innovative solutions to its problems. I am always willing to do something I am not ready to do, and that is how I grow. We take calculated risks on our end to provide our clients with the most seamless submission experience ever in the regulatory industry.
Kristen Mittal RAC, PMPFounder and CEO, Mittal Consulting


Our Team

Kristen Mittal

Founder & CEO · Principal Consultant Portland, Oregon

Mridul Mittal

Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer Portland, Oregon

Amanda Huynh

Regulatory Affairs Mesa, Arizona

Shambhavi Sharma

Global Marketing Eugene, Oregon

Shu Xiang, MS

Regulatory Affairs SanDiego, California

Elle Winn

Regulatory Affairs Corvallis, Oregon

Michael Nilo, MS

Affiliate Consultant, Nilo Medical Consulting

Manfred Lubberich

Affiliate Consultant, ProMD Consulting Germany

Melissa Hall

Affiliate Consultant, Statera Regulatory Consulting